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 The History of Turnham Malpas

In more recent times the Village Green has come to prominence when an entrepreneur discovered a Charter from 1305 in the county archives, which gave permission for a market to be held on the Green each Thursday from half past eight until one pm. When originally established, the market was a valuable addition to the livelihood of the occupiers of the surrounding villages who could bring their excess garden produce to sell. However, when the plague struck the villages so catastrophically in 1349 the market was no longer viable and was stopped. The restarting of the market caused massive opposition in the village, but worse, attracted outside invasions from thieves and troublemakers. Finally through tragic circumstances the market ceased, and peace has once more reigned in the village.


Turnham Malpas is a modern, feisty village which has weathered all the storms the world might bring to its doors, but is still here, always looking forward and indeed sometimes leading the way, engaged in century old feuds, but bound together by history and tradition.


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