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You can find most of Rebecca Shaw's books as eBooks on a number of digital platforms including Amazon and Kobo.

Rebecca also wrote several novels that weren't part of the Turnham Malpas or Barleybridge series. They are wonderful stories in their own right, and have been published as eBooks.


Click on the book covers below and they will take you to the Kindle edition. 


The Love of a Family

The Love of a Family is a heart-warming novel about the importance of family and being there for one another. 


Myra and Graham Butler lead the kind of lives where everything is neat, tidy and predictable. That is until they're named guardians to their young nephews.


Myra makes it clear she doesn't want the responsibility. After a terrible loss early in their marriage, she vowed never to open her heart again, and has turned her back on friends and family since. Now she has two children and a rabbit turning her house - and her heart - upside down.

With shenanigans, misunderstandings and comic moments galore, a group of amateur dramatic players struggle to put on a play and get everything ready for their opening night in this warm, witty novel from Rebecca Shaw.


Review by an Amazon customer, 12 February 2015. 'I enjoyed this book hugely, especially the interaction of a variety of totally different characters. Anyone who has anything to do with thesbians or musicians will recognise the types straight away. It is quite a departure from Rebecca Shaw's Turnham Malpas books, which I love, but I found it equally as entertaining.'

The House at Spinnaker Cove is reminiscent of Daphne Du Maurier's Rebecca. A haunting story of a young woman moving to a glorious beachside house only to find something sinister has occurred there previously. As she gradually gets to know the locals, she begins to piece together a dark and sinister story.


Review by an Amazon customer, 25 April 2014. 'It is very readable and even though it feels like is written in a slightly different style than Rebecca Shaw's usual books, it doesn't detract from how good it is. The storyline is good and by the end I had started to care about the characters and wanted the story to continue . . . Dark / sinister things can happen in the most beautiful places . . . A book to make you think and a book that you won't want to put down.'

A very gifted storyteller, and that is quite an art


Turnham Malpas Series

Barleybridge Series

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