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We receive many comments from readers about how they enjoy Rebecca's books. Rebecca used to enjoy answering these messages personally. Since she passed away in September 2015, we, her family, endeavour to answer all of them. Rebecca's family really enjoy hearing how much readers enjoyed her books. 


Here are a selection of messages we have received.

Lisa, October 2020

I've been reading Rebecca's books gradually over the past couple of years and have found them very easy and enjoyable reads. During the current virus lockdown I've spent some happy hours reading more about the villagers in Turnham Malpas in some surprising storylines. I look forward to finishing the Turnham Malpas and Barleybridge series soon. 

Chris, December 2019

I wanted to write and tell you how much I enjoyed this book. I admire you for the way you 'kept me on my toes' right to the very end. You have an amazing ability to allow the reader (myself) to feel each persons emotions and 'be' that person as you read but able to switch to another person very quickly.
Thank you for sharing your amazing gift with words. I cannot begin to tell you how much I enjoyed reading this book and look forward to reading more. I found myself smiling when I finished this book knowing that the new 'family' was going to work. 

Belle, July 2019

I just wanted to say how much I am enjoying the Barleybridge series. I am a vet nurse in regional Australia and listen to the books on way to and from work until leaving but now continue to listen to them while working on a family farm. I am sure that many people have already said this but Rebecca had such a beautiful style of writing and was so talented at creating such engaging and relateable characters. 

Janet, September 2018

I really miss Rebecca, I was very lucky to meet her twice, the one sad thing is I will never find out what happens to the characters in Turnham Malpas, for me reading these wonderful stories, it felt like catching up with friends and family, I was really sad to find out that Rebecca had passed away, she was a talented lady, and a lovely lady. 

Kris, December 2015

When doing my regular search to see if there were any new books released I came across the sad news about the loss of Rebecca. I wanted to send her family my sincere condolences and say that reading her books had a huge influence in my life and helped me cope with troubling events that happened to me. I will miss her wonderful writing.


Madeleine, September 2015 

I learnt today that Rebecca had very sadly passed away. I so wanted her to know how much I enjoyed her Turnham Malpas and Barleybridge novels. In fact I was looking to this website to see whether any new books were coming and saw the devastating news. I give my heartfelt condolences to her family and of course Perkins and hope that the enjoyment she gave to many readers is some comfort. I only wish I had emailed sooner. With my love and thoughts to everyone who knew Rebecca. Thank you Rebecca RIP and much love.


Sarah, May 2015

I have read all the 'village' books up to number 18 and love them so much. I looked forward every night to climbing into bed and catching up with the stories and 'gossip' of village life in Turnham Malpas. Finishing the series has been sad in a way for me because I truly miss them.  . . I have said it before that I think the books would be wonderful as a TV series similar to the series made about James Herriot's vet series. I also loved his books and feel I must have lots of English blood in my veins somewhere. Thank you so much Rebecca for sharing your writing talents with us by writing such a gorgeous series of books. 


Sally, April 2015 

Dear Rebecca, I just wanted to say how much I value you writing your Marvellous collection of the 'village' books. I have just discovered you. Just when I had run out of my other favourite authors, I accidentally stumbled across you and boy, how very grateful I am! Your stories are so full of layers of interest, some suspense, values and intricate weaving, that they keep a very short attention span person like me rapt with absorption every night. Reluctantly put my book down to sleep. There have been numerous occasions where I have woken in the night still wearing my glasses and your book resting on my chest! That is how reluctant I am to stop reading your books! So, thank you so very very much for putting your talent to good use, and sharing it with the rest of the world, and for bringing some very precious moments of escapism and respite from the hardships Of the day. 


Sallie, August 2013

Thank you for entertaining an avid Aussie reader.  I love the experience of 'living' in an English country village which you so perfectly present.  I read your Turnham Malpas series many years ago and have recently re-read all of the series up to date and am looking forward to the next books to be available.  Also am now reading the Barleybridge series and enjoying that as well.  I grew up in am small country suburb of Brisbane (capital of Queensland). Guess country towns are similar all over.


Elizabeth, July 2013

Spare a thought for us readers in New Zealand.  Your books are rare and hard to find!  I stumbled across one number 5 and am devastated spending endless hours trying to find the series in second hand book stores or shops!  Wish they were stocked somewhere here.  The only other one I have found is number 11.


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