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Barleybridge Series

A Country Affair                              Novel 1


It is Kate's first day in her new job, and she is more apprehensive than she thought possible.  But there is no time for nerves, and her anxieties soon vanish as she finds herself flung headlong into the hectic world of the busy vet's practice.  But its not just the animals thats wins Kate's affections: the staff are friendly and welcoming, particulary Scott, the Australian , whose wicked sense of humour and enthusiasm for life Kate finds hard to resist, despite his colourful reputation.

Before long Kate begins to feel there are other changes she wants to make in her life - and her boyfriend, Adam, is not at all happy about it.  As Adam's behaviour becomes increasingly erratic, Kate realises she must make some very difficult decisions....  

Country Wives                                   Novel 2

There's trouble afoot in Barleybridge.  The vet's practice, which normally runs so smoothly, is disrupted by the new locum, Dan, who seems to be annoying just about everyone with his abrupt manner and unreasonable demands.  And when he succeeds in losing an important client through his arrogant attitude, the wives connected to the practice are determined something has to be done.

But Kate, who works at the practice, finds she rather likes Dan's no-nonsense approach, despite what everyone thinks about him.

Kate is determined to go to veterinary college and has already made some difficult decisions to fulfil her dream.  Then when she is suddenly confonted by a devasting tragedy at home, it is Dan, with a sad secret of his own, who helps her come to terms with her new situation....

Country Lovers                                     Novel 3

For Kate, life in Barleybridge is as busy as ever.  She loves her job at the veterinary hospital, and is desperate to fulfil her ambition to start training as a vet, but she's worried her exam results won't be good enough for the coveted college place.

Kate isn't the only one preoccupied.  Dan and his wife are due to have a baby at any moment; and Letty is worried she may be seriously ill, but she's too frightened to tell anyone.

But it is matters of the heart that really take there toll in Barleybridge: Rhodri is deeply in love with a farmers daughter, who doesn't know how to cope with her invalid father; and Joy, the Practice Manager, is married, but struggling with her feelings for another man.

Country Passions                                 Novel 4

Life at Barleybridge Animal Hospital in the heart of Dorset is as busy as ever.  Then, suddenly, everything is thrown into turmoil when Dan, one of the farm vets, is seriously injured in a car accident.

As if this isn't enough, the staff have even more to cope with when Scott Spencer, just back from Australia, steps in to cover for Dan.  The Practice Manager, Joy, remembers the hearts Scott broke when he last worked there- and also his abrupt departure-and refuses to work with him.

So Joy leaves, and Scott slips seamlessly into the Practice routine.  But Scott is in for a shock himself, when secrets are revealed which turn his life upside down. 

One Hot Country Summer                  Novel 5

It's the middle of a long, sultry summer, and the heat is getting to the inhabitants of Barleybridge....

Kate has returned to the veterinary practice, convinced she is well and truly over her feelings for Scott.  But when she sees him, she is shocked to discover things aren't that simple.  Whats more, Scott has problems of his own-problems that may well threaten his apparently happy marriage. 

Some things at the practice have changed: there's a new vet, Virginia, who seems to go ut of her way to criticise and upset Kate, not to mention upsetting the clients.  But Virginia is not all she seems.  As the heatwave continues Kate, Scott and Virginia all find they have difficult decisions to make.....

Love in the Country                              Novel 6


When Seb moves to Barleybridge, the last thing on his mind is romance.  Keen to settle into his new job and make a good impression, he embraces life as a country vet, and is soon dealing with an assortment of cases.

Meanwhile Austalian vet Scott and his wife Zoe have a new baby to care for; Practice owners Mungo and Miriam organise a posh dinner party at The George where a surprise announcement delights everyone; and there's controversey and divided opinion about a potential new client.

Seb's expertise with animals and his interaction with their owners mean he is welcomed into the community and relationships bloom- friendship with upper class Jilly, passion with actress Maggie, and the possibility of future love.

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