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Turnham Malpas Series

The New Rector                                Novel 1

The new rector of Turnham Malpas is young, vigorous and very handsome.  And as Peter Harris encounters his flock, he discovers there is more to village life than he anticipated.  The local publicans are having trouble with their wayward daughter Sharon, whilst at the village store the Charter-Placketts are trying to bring a touch of Harrods to the neighbourhood.  And then there is the beautiful, tragic Suzy Meadows.  With the prospect of bringing up three children alone after the suicide of her husband, she turns to Peter for support - and the new rector finds himself facing a difficult decision.

Then the whole of the village is rocked by tragedy.  Peters pastoral role is crucial - and yet he is wrestling with his own private hell that may still wreck his life.

Talk of the Village                              Novel 2

The village of Turnham Malpas is bedeviled by talk.  In the Royal Oak the usual banter has turned to bitter wrangling as Caroline causes controversey over an ancient country tradition.  And what about Peter, her husband and the rector of the village?  Are the rumours about him and pushy newcomer Venetia true?  Even the older inhabitants are not exempt from gossip, as the Baxter sisters eccentric lifestyle is the subject of cruel speculation.  And what is the evil lurking behind village windows that almost costs a child her life?

Petermust put aside his own problems and use all his influence to try and unite the village - until he finds it is the very things the gossips miss which look set to bring about superstition, madness and tragedy.

Village Matters                                     Novel 3

Times are changing in Turnham Malpas.  Wealthy, brash Craddock Fitch up at the big house seems determined to make his mark on the village - and the village is equally determined to stop him.  Sir Ralph, recently returned to the village, is having trouble adjusting to more modest status, while his wife, Muriel, is struggling with her own changed circumstances.

But these concerns are eclisped by tragedy when young Flick Charter Plackett, adored by just about everyone in the village, is knocked down by the unpopular barman, Alan.  Before the shock of the accident has passed, a new, bitter dispute springs up over houses Sir Ralph wants to build on his land.  Reaction to the plan seems extreme even by village standards - but there is a personal motive behind one particular source of opposition? 

The Village Show                                 Novel 4

Craddok Fitch is a relative newcomer to the village of Turnham Malpas and is keen to make a splash by holdng a village show - the best ever - in the grounds of his large house.  Committee secretary and co-ordinator of the show Louise Bissett is the spoilt daughter of Sir Ron and Lady Shelia. Although a brillant organiser, Louise is in deep personal trouble - and her growing obsession with the married rector can only end in tears. 

As the weeks roll by into summer and nerves tighten in anticipation of the great day, romances heat up and then cool down, tempers flare and misunderstandings multiply...

Village Secrets                                      Novel 5

The village school is to get a new Head and the inhabitants of Turnham Malpas await her arrival with avid curiosity.  At first sight Kate Pascoe seems ideal - young, pretty, and she obviously loves her job - but before long the villagers are beginning to think differently.

Mysterious lights are seen in Sykes Wood at night, a dog apparently long dead comes to life, and a sudden shocking death plunges the village into a state of superstitious dread.  And always at the heart of the storm is Kate Pascoe.

As May Day approaches, with its traditional celebrations, the Rector, Peter Harris, makes it his job to discover the truth about the strange happenings in the village.

Scandal in the Village                          Novel 6

When Jimbo asks his mother, Katherine, to come and live near him in Turnham Malpas, his kindness has rather more repercussions than he anticipated.  Before long Katherine is organising the harvest festival display, and causes uproar with her high handed ways.  Worse still, she sets herself up as guardian of the villagers morals, and sreads rumours and half truths about her neighbours lives.  But Katherine goes too far when she organises a petition to try and rid the village of those she considers to be most at fault.

Only Peter, the rector, can control Katherine's more outrageous actions. Finding it hard to resist his natural charm and diplomacy she gradually begins to mellow as the village works its magic on her...

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