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The Village Green Affair                     Novel 13


'The stranger stretched his long legs out in front of him, locking his ankles together, and observed the ancient village wakng up....  Yes, this was the place, he thought'.

A mysterious visitor arives in Turnham Malpas, snooping around while keeping his cards close to his chest.  Soon the village is buzzing with rumour and outrage: is Titus Bellamy planning to hold a market on the picturesque green?

Meanwhile the Neal's marriage is on rocky ground - according to unhappy Liz.  But blissfully unaware, Neville is planning their silver wedding anniversary celebration.

The party and the market mark both the beginning and the end of relationships.  But who really is to blame..?

The Village Newcomers                     Novel 14


The Barclays decide to spend their twilight years in Turnham Malpas - but not everyone welcomes the newcomers with open arms...  A business man, Ford Barclay, has ambitious plans to leave his mark on the village, including hosting a grand ball.  But as Mr Fitch, the village benefactor, digs into Ford's past, he uncovers an unsavoury secret that could shatter the retirement dream.

Meanwhile, the past is also catching up with the Rector and his wife Caroline.  An unexpected letter is causing concern for their twin children, Alex and Beth.  Their real mother has been in touch; after years of estrangement, should they get to know her?  And how will this affect Caroline?  The twins find themselves facing a difficult decision....

A Village Deception                             Novel 15



A newcomer has arrived in Turnham Malpas.  Harry is handsome and charming, and quickly earns his place in rural life but, despite appearances, he is a troubled man.  For Harry is hiding memories of a tragic past from which he is desperate to escape.

As Harry begins to find some measure of peace, he encounters the one woman likely to turn any man's head - and is soon caught in an obsessive love that threatens to ruin everything and reveal his shocking secret to all. 

But Harry isn't the only one to fall head over heals in love, and the villagers must wait and watch, hoping a burgeoning  friendship will lead to something more....


A Village in Jeopardy                         Novel 16


The villagers of Turnham Malpas are in for a shock. With Sir Ralph now dead, his fortune and title go to newcomer, Johnny Templeton. Johnny could not be more different from his well-loved predecessor, and he soon finds himself in conflict with the long-standing members of Turnham Malpas.

Meanwhile, there are two other villagers in crises, but theirs is a much more private issue. Alice March has longed for a child for years. But when Alice finally becomes pregnant, there are those in the village who question the child's paternity. After all, Alice has grown very close to Johnny...

As gossip begins to circulate, Alice must make the most difficult of decisions - whether to follow her heart or her morals.

Village Fortunes                                  Novel 17


Things are heating up in the village of Turnham Malpas. Now comfortably settled in the Big House, Johnny and Alice Templeton are over the moon at the arrival of their second son. But Johnny's roguish younger brother, Chris Templeton, is visiting from Brazil and causing not a little trouble in the village. For Ford and Mercedes Barclay, returning to the village after all these years - and after Ford's shameful imprisonment - is a big step. Will they be welcomed back or shunned? And will Ford be able to convince people he's a changed man? While most of the villagers greet the pair with open arms, there are those who still have their doubts. Meanwhile, poor Fran Charter-Plackett has some important decisions to make about her future. With all her siblings having flown the nest, the pressure is on to decide what to do with her life. And when her parents discover Fran's shocking secret, things really start to get messy.

Village Rumours                                 Novel 18


You can't escape your past. At least that's what the residents of Turnham Malpas would say...


While clearing out the rectory's loft, Reverend Peter Harris makes an unsettling discovery and a dark secret is exposed that soon sets tongues wagging in the village.


Having received a letter from the sons she hasn't heard from in 15 years, local gossip Greta Jones is delighted at the prospect of seeing them after all this time - despite her husband's misgivings. And Craddock Fitch's unruly grandchildren, newly arrived in the village, are causing not a little trouble for the townsfolk.


Meanwhile Fran Charter-Plackett has a difficult decision to make. Her parents would like to see her settled with kind and reliable Alex Harris. But when Chris Templeton, the man whom Fran once lost her heart to, returns to the village, it seems he is all set to steal her affections once more. Is Chris really a changed man? And will Fran finally go with her heart or her head?

Mystery in the Village                         Novel 19


It's a time of turmoil for the village of Turnham Malpas . . . Peter and Caroline Harris live a comfortable life at the rectory, but their cosy world is shaken up when Caroline's old flame Morgan Jefferson appears. He's intent on convincing her to pursue a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity - in America. What's more, it looks like Caroline's career isn't the only thing Morgan is interested in.


Newlyweds Chris and Deborah Templeton seem to be the perfect union. The old, unpredictable Chris has been replaced by a kinder and gentler man, yet he's still plagued by doubt. Where does Deborah disappear to for days on end? Why won't she tell her husband?


After the tragic death of his young grandson, Ron Bissett is further devastated when he loses his wife. Sheila Bissett has taken her own life, and no one can fathom why. But when an unexpected letter is received, it soon becomes clear that Sheila was hiding far darker secrets than anyone ever knew.

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