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    ‘Oh! Yes, I am. The letter’s written and posted and my case is packed, and I’m going to Jimmy because he loves me and I’m not staying another night in this house with you. You’re on your own, all alone. You’ve lied to me all these months, all because you want me at home to look after you so’s I have no life of my own. Well, for once in my life I’m doing what I want, and if you want Lily looked after you go do it because I’m not. I’ve slaved for you all my life when I was too young for the responsibility. Leaving jobs in the house for me to do when I’d spent twelve hours in the mill, no wonder I limp because that’s what did it, working long hours standing up at a loom making money for you, and don’t think I don’t know you have a sleep every afternoon so’s you’re fit and ready to go out almost every night and leave me to finish the jobs you should have done.’
     ‘Ooh! I never! That’s the cruellest thing you’ve ever said to me. Anyway you’re just not brave enough to leave me, not my daughter that I’ve always loved, you’d never leave me on my own, not my Annie.’ Mother changed tack and became practical, no longer sentimental. Your Auntie Lily’ll be delighted when you turn up, you’ve always been her favourite niece.’ 

     Annie’s rage knew no bounds and she came close to throttling her mother as she sat there ignoring her plight, warming herself at the fire a slight smile on her face, but Annie drew back in time just as her hands were reaching out. . . .

     Instead she took her coat down from the peg on the back of the door, carelessly flung it on, picked up her case from under the table in the window, flung herself out of the door and down the three steps onto the garden path. Definitely she was off. This very minute while she felt so resolute inside herself. ‘Jimmy!’ Her heart called out. ‘Jimmy, I’m coming!’

     Annie could smell the scent of freedom in the cold night air, could hear trumpets blowing in triumph at her determination to take her future in her own hands and seek out love with Jimmy. . . . Annie was full to the brim with courage as she exchanged the bonds of tyranny for love.


     This story tells of the romance of Jimmy Glover’s mother Annie. She went to Glasgow, and found a broken man waiting for her. With the help of Sister Chapman she found a job at the hospital so she could see Jimmy every day. Gradually this man she loved, whose mind and heart had been so grossly shattered by his experience of war, healed, and he was fit to leave hospital. Sister Chapman, through family connections, found a job for Jimmy at the Big House in Turnham Malpas. Jimmy and Annie rented a cottage on the Green in the heart of the village, and lived a life of joy and happiness together to the end of their days.



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